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Microsoft .NET Framework utilities

Microsoft .NET Framework

In my daily work sometimes I need to help our company customers to resolve some strange problems with .NET installations. Here I found some useful tools I want to share with you: Microsoft .net Framework Version Checker. Check versions installed and offer links to download framework and SDK packages; can be called from command line. […]



Sad but true :-)

Uses of git


Some people uses things in strange ways… :-) Uses of git. Some other resources about Git: ProGit Book (free PDF) Think Like a Git Branching Model

Structuring Unit Tests

Unit testing

Phil Haack (best known as ex Microsoft and NuGet leader, now at GitHub) shared an alternative and clever way to organize test classes, using a nested class for every method of parent class: Structuring Unit Tests. Then look at some tweaks here Zen Coding: Structuring Unit Tests, especially about avoid duplication of code when you […]