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Microsoft .NET Framework utilities

In my daily work sometimes I need to help our company customers to resolve some strange problems with .NET installations. Here I found some useful tools I want to share with you: Microsoft .net Framework Version Checker. Check versions installed and offer links to download framework and SDK packages; can be called from command line. […]


Sad but true

Uses of git

Some people uses things in strange ways… Uses of git. Some other resources about Git: ProGit Book (free PDF) Think Like a Git Branching Model

Structuring Unit Tests

Phil Haack (best known as ex Microsoft and NuGet leader, now at GitHub) shared an alternative and clever way to organize test classes, using a nested class for every method of parent class: Structuring Unit Tests. Then look at some tweaks here Zen Coding: Structuring Unit Tests, especially about avoid duplication of code when you […]

A re-introduction to JavaScript

I still remember when JavaScript was one of my worst enemies…. But this is a good paper to refresh memory. via A re-introduction to JavaScript – MDN.

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