A Philosopher Every Programmer Should Know: Susanne K. Langer

Susanne K. Langer

So, I recently started reading Susanne K. Langer’s classic Philosophy in a New Key (PNK). (Before I became a developer I got a couple degrees in philosophy, which is absolutely my first love.) Langer is a very wide-ranging thinker with publications in everything from formal logic to aesthetics.

PNK covers a lot of ground and though it’s all really interesting the second chapter offers up some thought that is so relevant to programmers that I had to try to get it out there. Also, it’s not relevant in the way that, say, Principia Mathematica might be relevant. Rather, it’s relevant in that it makes sense of your life. It explains why it is that you love to code.

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Giovanardi, un curriculum di gaffe

Carlo GiovanardiJovaTardo, modenese sessantunenne, affascina gli astanti a partire dal bel volto, a metà tra un incubo scenografico di Carlo Rambaldi e un Gremlin anoressico (parola che lui ama: poi ci arriviamo). La voce è quella di un usignolo rauco, che cinguetta con la stessa piacevolezza del Nonnino della Corrida che sinfoneggiava con le ascelle fieramente pezzate.

Giovanardi, il ritratto del politico italiano: un inutile, ignorante, e costoso burattino.

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