TDD for unbelievers

Incipit: “I have to admit, I was not-so-good with TDD (Test-driven development). I just didn’t see how it can help me to deliver a better software. Products and solutions I developed were pretty much rock solid and it felt good to see them running for years. What else did I need?
But it was time to give TDD another try. Obviously, it became quite impossible to ignore this subject today, especially when people talk about continuous deployment already!

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Happy Tau Day

I’m not so good in math, but i like Tau very much :-)

From Slahsdot: “Forget about Pi Day, today we celebrate something twice as good: Tau Day. For far too long, Pi has been the bride and Tau has been the bridesmaid. As Michael Hartl points out in The Tau Manifesto, "Pi is a confusing and unnatural choice for the circle constant." He is giving a talk at the California Institute of Technology based on the Manifesto, with pie served at the end. "Twice as many as you might expect," he says.