5 Compression libraries for .NET Developers

A compilation of compression libraries for .NET.

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Earlier , in one of my previous posts , i blogged about SharpZipLib – Zip Compression library for .NET and wanted to explore if there are other Compression libraries for .NET Developers . Here i list few of them i came across .

1. SharpZipLib

SharpZipLib is a OpenSource .NET compression library that supports Zip files using both stored and deflate compression methods .
Download SharpZipLib here

2. SevenZipSharp

SevenZipSharp is an open source wrapper for 7-zip . The Managed 7-zip library provides data compression and extraction functionalities supported by all 7-zip formats .
Know more about SevenZipSharp and Download here

3. JurikSoft Compression Library 1.1.0

JurikSoft Compression Library is a .NET component with a set of methods, which allow Compress array of bytes using lossless compression algorithms.
Know more about JurikSoft Compression Library 1.1.0 and pricing here

4. Xceed Zip Compression Library
The Exceed Zip Compression Library is from Xceed Software, Inc. which provides Zip and UnZip data compression library for .NET.
Know more about Xceed Zip Compression Library and pricing here

5. DotNetZip – Zip and Unzip

DotNetZip is a free and easy to use library for manipulating zip files or folders.
Download DotNetZip from Codeplex

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