Git Pills – Store Git credentials easily even in Windows

If there’s an annoying thing in Git for Windows is that damn password request you got at every fetch, pull or push.

To avoid to waste your time typing passwords (you are not a SysAdmin, indeed :)), there’s an useful little program called git-credential-winstore that allows you to store and retrieve passwords when needed using the default Windows Credential Manager:
Windows Credentials Manager

You can download this little gem from; it requires .NET 4.0.
To get it working, put it in a folder of choice and run it; it hooks your Git installation looking for Git path in the PATH environment variable, then it comes to action the first time Git will require to access to a remote repository.

I have to say that this simple download-and-run-it solution worked well only one time on all the machines I tried to install it; to settle things once and for all, now when in need I use Chocolatey package to install it:

Happy pushing!

Nando :)

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