Too sick and tired to read a book or write some code? Watch some videos!

In these days I’m trying to work on my laziness; I’m wasting too much time reading at shitty social feeds, playing stupid games and watching TV (ha, I don’t watch TV, just kidding).

Looking for a better way to invest my spare time, I jumped back into a blog I already read in the past: by John Somnez. John is a clever and funny guy; it is a software developer, author speaker and it also get the most from his time recording podcasts and YouTube videos.

Reading his blog I realized that there is a way to learn something useful in a small amount of time, with little or no effort: watch an inspiring video like one’s he record weekly.

Try to type some code, read some blog posts or a book after a day full of stress and hard work is inadvisable, even if you are willing. But then it happens that you have a really quirky sequence of shitty days, so you start wasting more and more time, falling into the worst of Seven Deadly Sins: sloth.

youtube-catWhat I’m looking for is a therapy for that disease, and now I found a thing that works. Pick up an argument, a blog or so on a start watching at some videos or listening to a podcast; and if you are not a mother-tongue like me, take a chance to improve your English skills, you will kill two birds with one stone.

Some hints:

Suggest your own! :)


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