Mozilla Community Contributor Departs Over Bug Handling

I understand that change takes time, and there is always a delay between planning a change, and the implementation. But with Triage, time is our enemy. We currently have 2,598 UNCO bugs in Firefox that haven’t been touched in 150 days. That is almost 2600 bugs that have not been touched since Firefox 4 was released. … In Spring 2010, we hit roughly 13,000 UNCO bugs in the Firefox product on BMO. 13,000!!! We currently have 5,934. While this is an improvement, that is 6,000 bugs in Firefox that could be shipping today, and enhancements that could be making the web better of course it isn’t that high, but the potential is there. This is several thousand contributors that we have told “Thank you for filing a bug report with us. We don’t really care about it, and we are going to let it sit for 6 months and just ask you to retest when you know it isn’t fixed, but thank you anyway.”

Take a look at comments, too. This is exactly what I think about this last version crazyness.
Please, stop it!

via Updated: Mozilla Community Contributor Departs Over Bug Handling – Slashdot.

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