Convert VS2010 .sln back to VS2008

vs2010 to vs 2008To convert Visual Studio 2010 solution file .sln to Visual Studio 2008 solution file .sln simply follow these steps:

  • in .sln file replace “Format Version 11.00” to “Format Version 10.00
  • in .sln file replace “# Visual Studio 2010” to “# Visual Studio 2008
  • in .csproj replace “ToolsVersion=”4.0”” to “ToolsVersion=”3.5”
  • in .csproj replace “v10.0” to “v9.0

via visual studio 2008 – VS2010 and VS2008 project compatibility – Stack Overflow.

About Redis


Today I spent a few minutes googling about Redis, a lightspeed key value NoSql storage system.
Redis was made for Linux systems, but you can find a working Windows port on GitHub: Redis for Windows.

Redis is very fast, even if compared with first class citizen in NoSql world, like RaveDB; here an interesting benchmark post: Redis vs RavenDB – Benchmarks for .NET.

StackOverflow uses it; Marc Gravell wrote a very good piece of code, BookSleeve, “offering pipelined, asynchronous, multiplexed and thread-safe access to redis” (more here).

One of the pioneers abour Redis on .NET was Miguel de Icaza, with redis-sharp.

And there’s more: ServiceStack’s C# Redis Client (previously on CodePlex Google Code) is an open source C# Redis client based on redis-sharp.
Here a good tutorial where to start, and here the NuGet package.

If you want to browse an existing datastore, don’t forget to take a look at Redis Admin UI; you can also try it out live.

I hope to have the time to play a little bit with it in next days; I will report my experience here in my blog.

Bye, Nando