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Frequent demos for immediate feedback are extremely imporant and come to fill the gap between the development team (what is implemented) and end users (what they really want from the system).The fact that from the early stages of the project, the customer participate at regular intervals in such meetings, ensure that critical requirement changes and misunderstandings are identified as soon as possible.

Agile for dummies – Continuous Feedback with Customer Demos | Agile Zone.

Continuous Integration in .NET

CI in .NET

My last review on DZone.

At the end, I can only confirm the great value of this work, not only for the variety of tools discussed, but mainly for the super fast effectiveness of setup procedures, that give us the opportunity to make things work during the reading.

If you wanna do CI in .NET, don’t look further: this is “The Book”.

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TDD for unbelievers

Incipit: “I have to admit, I was not-so-good with TDD (Test-driven development). I just didn’t see how it can help me to deliver a better software. Products and solutions I developed were pretty much rock solid and it felt good to see them running for years. What else did I need?
But it was time to give TDD another try. Obviously, it became quite impossible to ignore this subject today, especially when people talk about continuous deployment already!

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