Oracle Removes Java Signatures, Breaking Webstart

It seems Oracle has decided in their infinite wisdom to remove digital signatures from the Java projects that they put into the open source community. Of course this breaks any application out there depending on Java Webstart using these libs. Looks like Java3D and JAI are currently affected — probably other APIs are as well. Oh Oracle! What are we supposed to do with you?

Best comment by Chrisq (894406): Oracle only said they’d keep it open source. They never said they’d let you use it.

via Oracle Removes Java Signatures, Breaking Webstart – Slashdot.

Teach yourself to program


We are entering the summer, the perfect time to improve yourself, you could go running or swimming, you could learn a new foreign language or perhaps you could learn to program. Self-learning is not as hard as it sounds, and it’s much easier than self-learning Spanish or French. There are really wonderful sources to start learning these new languages, understanding the concept behind programming and giving it a try with some interesting problems.

via Teach yourself to program – article in OS & Utilities.