WinRT and .NET

First, it is important to understand that the new WinRT (Windows Runtime) model that supports Win8 Metro style apps is accessible from .NET. Yes, you can also use C++, but I can’t imagine a whole lot of people care. And you can use JavaScript, which is pretty cool.

But the important thing to understand is that WinRT is fully accessible from .NET. The model is quite similar to Silverlight for Windows Phone. You write a program using C# or VB, and that program runs within the CLR, and has access to a set of base class libraries (BCL) just like a .NET, Silverlight, or WP7 app today. Your program also has access to a large new namespace where you have access to all the WinRT types.

These WinRT types are the same ones used by C++ or JavaScript developers in WinRT. I think this is very cool, because it means that (for perhaps the first time ever) we’ll be able to create truly first-class Windows applications in C#, without having to resort to C++ or p/invoke calls.

via Rockford Lhotka – WinRT and .NET.

Steve Jobs, Before the iPad, On Why Tablets Suck

“Apple didn’t release the first tablet computer or even come up with the idea for tablet computing itself. If anything, Microsoft, and Bill Gates in particular, were championing tablet computers years before the iPad was released. In this video clip from the first All Things D conference in 2003, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs explains to Walt Mossberg why Apple, at the time, wasn’t keen on tablets and more specifically, why Jobs felt that stylus computing and handwriting recognition were inherent failures.”

It’s years I say that toher player lets Apple create a new market where many other companies can eat, later in time.
Only blind or stupid Apple fanboy continues to believe to the old story “Apple is the best, Apple creates, Apple Innovates”.
Poor people… But I’m happy to see them spent their bucks, give blood for Apple “innovations”: I will continue to spend an half for great Android terminals, good PCs or something else.

via Steve Jobs, Before the iPad, On Why Tablets Suck – Slashdot.