Convert VS2010 .sln back to VS2008

vs2010 to vs 2008To convert Visual Studio 2010 solution file .sln to Visual Studio 2008 solution file .sln simply follow these steps:

  • in .sln file replace “Format Version 11.00” to “Format Version 10.00
  • in .sln file replace “# Visual Studio 2010” to “# Visual Studio 2008
  • in .csproj replace “ToolsVersion=”4.0”” to “ToolsVersion=”3.5”
  • in .csproj replace “v10.0” to “v9.0

via visual studio 2008 – VS2010 and VS2008 project compatibility – Stack Overflow.

8 Best Microsoft .Net Development Tools

Nice list.

Its our pleasure to share best resources/tools for developers and designe for every technologies as HTML5, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, etc. Every programming technologies/techniques provides the number of tools that helps developers and designers a lot in. Today we are going to presents the best development tools for .Net developers. These are the development tools that helps developers for their next project. Most of them are freeware and open source tools.

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Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework utilities

Microsoft .NEt FrameworkIn my daily work sometimes I need to help our company customers to resolve some strange problems with .NET installations.
Here I found some useful tools I want to share with you:

Hope this helps. :-)