About Redis


Today I spent a few minutes googling about Redis, a lightspeed key value NoSql storage system.
Redis was made for Linux systems, but you can find a working Windows port on GitHub: Redis for Windows.

Redis is very fast, even if compared with first class citizen in NoSql world, like RaveDB; here an interesting benchmark post: Redis vs RavenDB – Benchmarks for .NET.

StackOverflow uses it; Marc Gravell wrote a very good piece of code, BookSleeve, “offering pipelined, asynchronous, multiplexed and thread-safe access to redis” (more here).

One of the pioneers abour Redis on .NET was Miguel de Icaza, with redis-sharp.

And there’s more: ServiceStack’s C# Redis Client (previously on CodePlex Google Code) is an open source C# Redis client based on redis-sharp.
Here a good tutorial where to start, and here the NuGet package.

If you want to browse an existing datastore, don’t forget to take a look at Redis Admin UI; you can also try it out live.

I hope to have the time to play a little bit with it in next days; I will report my experience here in my blog.

Bye, Nando

An overview of the NuGet ecosystem

Many people are starting to realize what an awesome tool NuGet really is. If you don’t believe me, just take a look the statistics. Looking at the NuGet ecosystem out there, I figured it might be a good idea to summarize it in a blogpost, for those who are experiencing trouble with keeping up. If you don’t know where to start, get the overview below and head over to the NuGet documentation.

via An overview of the NuGet ecosystem.