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Ferdinando Santacroce is a coach, developer, author, trainer and speaker who loves learning new things.

As a software developer, Ferdinando worked for many years in the Microsoft .NET wonderland, using C# to bridge the gap between old style systems and new technologies. During his career he allowed COBOL applications to talk with remote services, databases and electronic devices like cash handlers, document scanners and electronic shelf labels.
Then he tamed some Java and JavaScript beasts, working on legacy applications for a big Italian energy player.
He loves automation, continuous integrations and all the tools allows him to be safe and avoid manual work (DevOps, you named).

He pursues continuous improvement, and follows the Agile Movement with great care, in conjunction with eXtreme Programming foundations and Lean Manufacturing.

Since 2015, he is a member and former advisor of Italian Agile Movement, an association that takes care of agile disciplines in Italy; every year he contributes to the organization of the Italian Agile Days, the biggest conference in Italy about the topic.
He also likes to speak and facilitate workshops, see Talks page.

As a teacher, Ferdinando realized the first web-based school register on his school district, allowing parents to take a look at grades and absences day by day.

He loves even teach to ordinary people, from children to grandpas, getting them ready for the use of computers, Internet and new mobile devices.

Ferdinando enjoys writing; after some years of silence, he started to blog again about his work and passions, which often ends to be the same thing.

He also wrote a book :orange_book: for Packt Publishing about Git, Git Essentials.

Mostly of what he learned comes from his fellows and colleagues, which incited him reading books, attend to inspiring conference like XP Conf and Italian Agile Days, other that helping his growth working on the same code.