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Here a brief list of my public appearances :blush:


:it: :uk: Milan Kotlin Community Conf 2018

  • In this case I’m not a speaker, actually I’m the chair of the 1st oneday conference about Kotlin here in Italy :smiley:

:it: Torino Agile Conference 2018

:it: TDD Milano Meetup


In 2017 I focused on organizing events, rather than partecipating as a speaker :blush:

:it: Italian Agile Days 2016

  • I’m an advisor of Italian Agile Movement, and I help organizing conferences alla around Italy, other than updating website and socials.


:it: Italian Agile Days 2016 - Pavia

:it: Mini Italian Agile Day, Savona, 2016

  • Agile versioning with Git