TDD (Test Driven Development)

I’m going to getting rid of my browser bookmarks, so this page is born :smile:
This is a list about TDD, a place where I append interesting things I’m discovering about TDD since 2008…
Today is a massive, incomplete and unordered mess of links, but this leaves me more room for improvement :grin:
Anyway, great value is assured :smiley:.


eXtreme Programming eXplained, 1st ed.
The 1st edition of the book that started it all…

eXtreme Programming eXplained, 2nd ed.
A revised edition with new stuff: it’s actually a different book, not an update of the 1st edition.
I recommend to read both the editions, in chronological order of course.

Test Driven Development: By Example
Learn how to do TDD directly from its inventor.


C2 Wiki on TDD

People to follow

In no particular order.
Kent Beck
Ron Jeffries
Ward Cunningham
Sandy Metz
James Shore
Martin Fowler
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Gee Paw Hill
Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)
J. B. Rainsberger
George Dinwiddie
Jay Bazuzi
Matteo Vaccari
Ian Cooper


The continuation of the historical XP Yahoo Group, since the dawn of the movement: - eXtreme Programming


Extreme Programming 20 years later by Kent Beck
Kent Beck telling stories about TDD and XP genesis. If you like tales and TDD, this is the best resource I found.

Kent Beck on creating JUnit
A strange interview, it almost looks like a deposition… :smile:

Channel - James Shore

Ian Cooper - TDD, Where Did It All Go Wrong

J B Rainsberger - Integrated Tests Are A Scam

Robert C. Martin (@unclebob) - The Three Laws of TDD (Featuring Kotlin)

Kent Beck - Test && Commit || Revert - Substring, TCR style

Playlist - Kent Beck - Test desiderata

eXtreme Programming historic website TDD Anti-patterns

Outside-In, Mockist, London School

Resources about the outside-in approach.


Nat Pryce
Steve Freeman
Sandro Mancuso


Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests (GOOS) - Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce


Sandro Mancuso style:
Youtube - Outside In TDD part I
Youtube - Outside In TDD part II
Youtube - Outside In TDD part III
“A Case for Outside-In Design” (Avanscoperta meetup)

Skeptics, doubters and “enemies”

Is TDD dead?
A series of conversations between Kent Beck, David Heinemeier Hansson, and Martin Fowler on the topic of Test-Driven Development (TDD) and its impact upon software design.

Youtube - Jim Coplien and Bob Martin Debate TDD

Youtube - Jonathan Blow on unit testing and TDD